Ex told me to move on?

My ex and I were together 4 years, he left our relationship 7 months ago but kept coming back every other month asking to try again. It never got off the ground. The last contact was May when he told me he loved me and wanted to try again but ran scared again (he’s scared of commitment) and he basically ghosted me. I left it 12 weeks but couldn’t leave it any longer as I needed clarity of what happened and why. I contacted him and asked him if he was ok. He told me he’s moved on and for me to do the same. From the last contact in May of him declaring his love and wanting another try to now being so cold and off with me I felt heartbroken.
He’s put himself on dating sites even during the time he’s been back and forth contact with me and due to him telling me he wanted me to move on I thought well I’ll go on the same dating sites as him so he can see I am moving on.
however yesterday he came back in touch with me being friendly with me again almost like he’s happy we are back in touch and started chatting nicely. Then tonight he’s blocked me everywhere, I wasn’t expecting to see that, it feels like he’s sucked me in again and spat me out, however I’m wondering now if he’s seen me on the dating site. I did it yes partly as he hurt me so much and partly as a wake up call to him. He told me to move on so I wanted to show him I’d taken his advice. However it’s backfired and he’s gone. Even though I was aware he was on and off dating sites I do this the one time and he’s reacted this way due to his jealousy insecurity. I just needed someone to talk to. Thanks
Ex told me to move on?
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