How do you deal with a very rough breakup?

I've recently gone through a breakup, it was my first ever relationship and we were soooo much in love, the amount of pain i went through the first 3 weeks is really inhumane, today marks day 29, i've done almost everythingg everyone told me, i've "thrown myself back out there", read books, binged like 9 series, trained like a mad man, spoken to strangers, told my entire story anonymously, tried helping others so that maybe it brings me peace to help someone, if i can't help myself, i've prayed and prayed for serenity, i did everything except wipe out every memory i have of her, that sounds sooo fucking impossible atm, i have not opened our chat or looked at any of the pictures/videos/vns, knowing they're there makes me miserable but i can't remove everything, not so soon, if you've been through a very rough breakup from a serious relationship please share what helped you the most to overcome that and move on, how long did it take you to completely move on, if you ever have, basically tell me anything you think would help, i am out of options and i'm losing my mind
How do you deal with a very rough breakup?
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