Why does he keep adding more blocks on social media?

So a little over a week ago I was dumped by my ex. This was over text (he wanted to give me a letter in person. But I am from the other side if the state and I knew would just hand me the letter and walk away. I told him to get it over with). I just responded pretty much saying what he wanted to do initially was a low blow, I hope you are more honest with your next partner, and Venmo me the money in the letter you promised me.

After he texted me the letter he blocked me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I am assuming I’m blocked on his phone but I haven't tried to reach out.

I am still hurt over the break up so I do look up pictures of him to temporarily feel better (I know its not a good idea but it still feels like a fresh break up and we have been together for over a year). So when I search for him I still saw some pictures including some from his fraternities page. But then yesterday he took down any pictures of me with the fraternity. And this morning he removed any traces of him in a search.

I wouldn’t mind if he was blocking me on his own personal accounts. But the pictures he took down from his fraternity were from over a year ago.

So why is now going out of his way block searches and take down pictures that weren’t from his page?
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He keeps changing his settings. Like instagram he had a black profile pic, then none, then back to black.

Also now if facebook settings changed to where O can search.

I don't know I don’t get it.
Why does he keep adding more blocks on social media?
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