Friends after a break-up?

Well, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend yesterday.
He didn't have time for us and didn't care enough. We literally just had 5 video chats in 5 months and every each one of them was because of me.
I was the person who suggested everything and was trying to communicate. It was exhausting and i did everything because I wanted to our relationship to just worked it out (it's my first relationship)
It was the same problem for several months and it was just exhausting. Like i literally cried over the phone and he didn't take it seriously!
I want to think that the person that I knew and just loved it's real and it's there but I don't want to be a fool and stay with a guy who doesn't care about us and is always blaming the pandemic for our problems when I just wanted to know when he was having a difficulttime (the reason why i broke up with him).
I requested for this 3 times and things never worked out.
And now that we aren't a couple anymore I just want to know if I should be friends with someone like that? I'm disappointed of him as a person but I don't if that's enough for me to just end everything.
Please, I need help.
I don't have enough experience to take a serious decision.
Friends after a break-up?
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