I'm “dating my ex” HELP? Do you think he genuinely wanted to connect again?

Me and my boyfriend of two years broke up at the end of last week. He broke it off with me because he couldn’t hand the consequences that his addiction and breach of trust created in the relationship. I took full accountability and apologised for how I handled certain things anyway.
The whole time we were broken up we were still messaging, but there were points where I began to withdraw and ignore his attempts of sending me mixed signals. He still told me he loves and cares about me and he misses me but he’s so hurt. He told me that there’s still the possibility of a relationship on the cards in the future after he works on himself. All the normal breakup talk.
We agreed to meet up and clear the air, but we ended up meeting before the arranged date, as I lost my door key and he still had my spare one. I ended up meeting him halfway through a long journey as he didn’t want me waiting outside my flat alone late at night so we travelled back together which gave us time to talk about everything.
He said he still loves me, and that he doesn’t want a relationship, but he’s open to dating again and getting to know each other. Then he asked me on a date. So we are not in a relationship but by his definition we are dating...
We went on the date and it was good, just as I expected because we have a good connection. After he told me he enjoyed it and said we could go it again. I’m just worried. Is this his way of keeping me in his life but keeping me at a distance so breaking it off with me doesn’t hurt as much? Or do you guys think this could genuinely be him wanted to connect again but take things slowly?
I'm “dating my ex” HELP? Do you think he genuinely wanted to connect again?
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