My break up story?

So about a month ago, I started to feel my ex being distant from me. So I mirrored her emotions and just backed off when she seemed distant.

One day, she messaged me asking "hey been having a hard week. Wondering if we can talk tonight?" She came over and I anticipated a break up. She said she still loves me and cares about me but wants to go a bit slower and needs some "SPACE". Which is something I find weird, because I only see her once or twice a week at most. Even when I do see her, she'll be on her phone half the time texting and has to leave early or something like that. So she isn't exactly spending quality time with me.

She continued to tell me she felt overwhelmed whenever my mom talks about us having kids and such. She feels like she is obligated to see me every week when I tell her she shouldn't feel that way and she should do whatever she wants.

A few days fter that, I had enough of this and decided to end things. I sent her a text saying "we are done". She comes over and drops off my stuff and I give her her stuff back in return.

We had a talk and I was crying. I told her that this isn't a relationship if she has to tell me these things last second rather than telling me when it's happening. Communication is key to a good relationship. She told me she struggled with it because she's a people pleaser. I asked her if she even sees me in her life. She replied "I don't know". Then I told her its over because I want to be with someone who can see me in their life.

I wished her the best in life and I told her that she is an amazing woman and I genuinely hope she can find happiness in herself. I told her good luck in life and stay safe. Also said, if she ever changes her mind to call me. She told me that I am super amazing and she wished me the best too. She kinda cried but not as much as me.

Its been nearly 2 weeks since we broke up.
My break up story?
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