Would you consider this manipulative?

My boyfriend had blew up at me recently over the smallest thing. I made a mistake, that was fixable at that and he starts to go off on me. Saying that I don’t have his best interest at heart. That I don’t really care about him because if I did I wouldn’t have made the mistake and that mistakes shouldn’t happen when it comes to me doing something for him and then he says “fuck you” We were arguing over the phone but I was trying to be calm about it. He continued to get loud while I tried to explain that it wasn’t as serious as he was making it, but after he said “fuck you”. I hung up on him. Sent him a text saying he never had to talk to me again if he felt that way and I eventually blocked him. It was like despite the smallest mistake, which was fixed, I have always been the best girlfriend I could be for him. Being there for him, encouraging him etc but one mistake made him say “fuck” me and It hurt to hear that. He texted me from another number saying “Why would you block me over that? If you love me why would you block me?” And it’s like he really didn’t think he overreacted or felt as if what he said wasn’t wrong.
Would you consider this manipulative?
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