Why did my ex gets mad if I don't reply?

So my ex left me (he thought it was best for both of us) and when he did he let me keep the cell phone on his contract that we got together so he texts every now and then. I try my best to avoid him as we are no longer together... I usually write back but I said enough is enough and ignored him for 24 hours. he text me, messaged me on messenger, then he called but I ignored it all. The next day he tries calling again, again I ignored then he showed up at my house and knocked on the door upset cause I didn't answer his messages or calls and then asked to borrow my PS3 (by the way he's got tooooons of friends he could borrow from but yet he has to bug me 🙄😑) he then goes on about what's happening in his life, work, etc that is none of my business and personal stuff we use to talk about that I no longer need to know... If he dumped me why is he still coming around and asking to borrow from me?, Why be upset when I didn't answer when he's my ex?
Why did my ex gets mad if I don't reply?
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