Bestie Breakups, how permanent are they?

I met a girl around year ago, I very quickly learnt it then but I still know it now that they are one of the best people I’ve come to know.

It’s important to stress that this was a female friend not anything more and we both liked it that way.

For 9 months it was near perfect, I mean I’ve never gotten along so well with someone. But in the final couple months she found a lot of new friends which ofcourse is fine and good, I had my own circles too. But ever more and more she was spending time with them over me, and the times we did spend together there was a noticeable disconnect, she didn’t seem as invested.

for around a month I didn’t say anything, I just tried to make up the lack of effort on her side by doing more on my side, I took more of an interest in what they like. I tried to find new things to do but although at times it was amazing again. I could still sense the distance and especially when I saw her with her new friends It just really made me inadequate in comparison.

eventually I did bring it up and we argued and didn’t talk for a couple weeks. But eventually she contacted and she apologised and I apologised and for a month after it was amazing again, even better than it ever had been.

but again it started to slip and again I tried to account for it.

I confronted them about this again, they were very hostile immediately even though I was quite calm. We didn’t talk for another few days but I tried to reach out and I said I can’t keep doing this if I’m the only one trying, and I’ve attached the last text they sent me.

I’ve had breakups, some messy some not so messy. But losing this friend feels worse than any of them to be honest. I really don’t want to lose this person but I also don’t want it to go back to how it was just prior to it ending.

i really dont know what to do because already there’s just such a huge hole in my life.

i thank anyone who’s read all of this and any advice would be so much appreciated
Bestie Breakups, how permanent are they?
Bestie Breakups, how permanent are they?
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