Giving stuff back after breakup?

Hi everyone.

So my ex and I broke up like two years ago or so. It happened while I was studying abroad in Korea and we had no contact for a long time afterwards, until I had some family troubles (conflict between my parents) that wad displayed on FB (stupid, Ik).

After he saw that stupid thing on FB, he messaged me and asked if I was okay and we talked. He said that I could talk to me about me problems if I wanted to and I don't know, I felt kinda grateful for that.
Though when I texted him a few days later, he seemed not wanting to talk much? Which I found weird...
But anyway, I will now mention the main issue:

So we have a PS4 and PS3 at home. He has borrowed my PS3 console before the breakup and as I felt like playing nostalgia games on the PS3, I asked him to give it back. I felt kinda desperate for I bc I had to borrow my brother's.

He said he didn't know where it was, but would look for it. Meantime, he said he could give me another one. I said "fine" and that was time.

I haven't heard anything from him when it comes to the controller and I have become more and more desperate. So I texted his dad, explained and asked if I could come by and pick it up. He has seen it but hasn't replied.

I don't know what to do now. I do think buying a new one will be expensive (I have no job right now), but my controller is
red and I really liked it.

What should I do? I really want it back, but I don't want to be seen as an annoying person. When I texted my ex about the PS3 controller, it was summer and he was home in our hometown working. Otherwise he is studying (same city as I will study in). So I kinda expected him to make an effort to find it (I would, if he has asked me). But it seems like he doesn't want to give it back or he does not care to give it back.

1. Why won't he give it back?

2. What should I do to get it back?
Giving stuff back after breakup?
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