Why did he dump me for something I simply couldn’t control?

Guy (25 M) I (20 F) was dating for about 2 months just told me that he can’t see himself in serious relationship with me due to our age gap and dumped me because of it. He said that I was a super sweet girl and he really liked me in the beginning but the age gap really bothered him. He was the one to ask me out by the way. I really liked this guy. I put so much effort and time and thought into everything. I made time out of my busy ass school schedule to call him for hours on end, meet up with him, etc.. and he did the same for me. I don’t understand! I am not one to automatically fall for someone but man... I caught feelings for this guy. Maybe it was the sex (he was my first partner), the intimacy... We both established exclusivity so I doubt that he found another girl. I am just confused. He said that we could keep dating and see if things work out but also mentioned right after that he doubts things will work out.

In the end, he said that he didn’t want to hurt me. But he did. I don’t think he was a player at all because he’s not the type to play.. but I feel played. My emotions gave me a jaded view on him to be this “prince charming” who made me feel like a princess and now I feel shattered, like a broken glass slipper. He said that he still wanted to see me but will miss the intimacy. He said that he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore so he understands why we can’t keep casually dating. I told him that I didn’t have any hard feelings but these feelings are hitting me hard now. I told him I needed to take a break from talking to him so that I can re-process my emotions (He was my first). He wasn’t using me for sex because he told me that he wouldn’t have had sex with me if he didn’t see us in a serious relationship. He said that he really tried to make it work out and I do believe him. But why dump me? He said that he feels really, really bad about it... but why give up on me? Ugh I hate playing the victim card but I don’t deserve this pain.
Why did he dump me for something I simply couldn’t control?
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