How to get over betrayal?

I broke up 7 months ago because my ex boyfriend cheated on me. I had let him go, deleted his contact no., blocked his email , changed my phone no, started to focus more on my career, fitness, family, took up new hobby and everytime I missed him I would start doing things so that I get distracted from my feelings. I still miss him and I know he doesn't. Everytime I think I have moved on. Then on the next day I feel back to same place to the day 1 of breakup. I don't want to feel my feelings. I feel more stupid and wouldn't stop thinking how it happened. I don't want him but my obsession of how it happened thought doesn't stop. I feel I can't trust myself. I feel I can't get over the fact that I'm never going to be enough and will face betrayal again. How do I stop criticizing myself for the actions he has done?
How to get over betrayal?
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