When do YOU think I should contact this guy?

We dated for two months and he broke up with me. I won’t get into specifics but basically we agreed to be friends. I started No Contact about 2 weeks ago and haven’t contacted him sense. Told him I needed to process my emotions before being friends with him. When we were together we made love and everything went really well. We get along really well but later he told me that he can’t see “us” in a serious relationship. Although he was the one to dump me, I knew it was coming. Once I do contact him I will keep it at a casual, mediocre level that indicate our friend-zoned relationship. Please don’t tell me not to contact him and go my separate way because I genuinely like this guy as a person and I don’t believe in just cutting ties with people no matter the duration of the relationship. I thought about it, quite a lot actually, and I decided that I do want to be friends with him so I will contact him. I just don’t know when... I want to give enough time for the both of us to sort out our emotions and I know 2 weeks probably isn’t long enough. So what do you recommend? When should I contact him?
When do YOU think I should contact this guy?
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