What should I do about my ex?

So background info, so back in February ( 2020 ) I started dating a girl who I really liked and she liked me back, or I thought she did ( it'll make sense later in the story ) and it all went well until about mid April and then it just kind of went downhill and then on the 27th she dumped me and accused me of emotional abuse even though I'd never do anything like that and then a bit later she told me that she never loved me in anyway and she told me that I'm a asshole and then she stopped talking to me and didn't give me an explanation for why she was doing all this bullshit and she even tried turning a friend against me and it worked for a couple weeks ( we talked it over and me and my friend are good now ).

So my main question is what should I do cuz if she can turn a friend against me then what else can she do and I'm also scared because she could possibly turn the school I go to against me because she's the female in the situation and we all know that females are believed over males and I also have no evidence to show that I didn't abuse her so that'll just make my side harder to believe. So please any advice would be much appreciated, thank you
What should I do about my ex?
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