Was my ex talking about me or his fling?

I know I’m not suppose to be thinking of my ex, we broke up because I caught him cheating on me. A day after the break up (Sunday) he text me saying he’s sorry from the bottom of his heart, how he still loves me and always thinks of me and how he made a “big dumb situation” and how he’s not asking to be friends or anything because he knows the damage is done, and how he doesn’t care what anyone has to say how he truly apologize and how he’s hurt it happened this way, and if I need anything to call him and let him know. I never responded to his text that was Monday.

Today I noticed he made a post saying “lol I can’t believe I wanted you”. Do you think that was about me or whoever the girl was that he cheated on me with?
Was my ex talking about me or his fling?
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