I am so confused?

My now ex-boyfriend and I were doing GREAT, had been dating a little less than a year, minus a little “hiccup” we had back in May when quarantine happened. We broke up for about a month due to his religion which is extremely strict and his depression from a prior abusive relationship he was in. He has been fighting this since 2014. I was planning on converting to his religion to be closer to him and to help ease his depression by helping him anyway I could. Which he was so happy to hear I would do this. We talked about getting married before the year ended. We looked at rings. He told me I was “it” the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, start a family with, grow old with, etc. If we did not end up together there would be no one after me. I saw a future with him as well. We were in the best place. After two weeks his depression got worse. He told me he wanted to just text only for a bit until he was better. He isolated himself from everyone. I told him okay if it would help. I felt like he was distancing himself. He ended up going in a complete depression episode where he shut everyone out, especially me. He ended breaking up with me and told me that he needs to be alone and that he is severely depressed, miserable, sad, etc. He told me the last thing he ever wanted to do was lose me, but he could not bring himself to put me through anymore of what he was going through. He said I was the best thing that ever came into his life, but it was not fair for me when he could not give me. He told me that his mind was made up and I could not change his mind. He said if we meet again in a better place and better time, then we could try again and we would be meant to be and I agreed. I wanted to see him get better even if that means I was not in his life anymore. I am so blindsided and hurt that it had to come to this. I said my last goodbye and I love you to him, he said I love to you & see you soon. He would not say goodbye. Not sure what that means for us?
I am so confused?
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