Becoming cold hearted?

I loved this guy for a year in a long distance relationship and I was so convinced I did. When he left some weeks ago to come back to his country I met new friends and started experimenting with drugs n met another person that makes me feel amazing (even sober) ... and I left my boyfriend for this new guy... I don’t know what changed in me and I can be so emotional with myself alone and depressed but I can’t give him clarity and explain my ex why I left him cause everytime I call him I’m so emotionless.. he says that the drugs changed me but I don’t know what did and I’m sure I felt love but now I’m not... I can’t even explain what happened... and I feel like I’m dropping it all for nothing telling him it’s for the distance... did drugs really change me , is it the new guy who changed me?
Becoming cold hearted?
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