Will he regret it and come back?

After two years of dating, my super loving, loyal, caring boyfriend said he was ready to marry me. At the same time, his overall behavior changed with me, he became very unloving and super careless about me. He still came and met my family, and asked for my hand.

Only one day after, we got in a heated argument where he disrespected me a lot and hit his limits. I could not think of anything but to break up with him because it was a repeated behavior where he apologized for before. The break up was IT for him. His friends immediately posted selfies with him welcoming him back to ''single life''. Out of my love for him, I still tried to talk it out with him and make it work again since we got to the level of marriage. He said he had started talking to new girls and had completely moved on (that was only 5 days after the breakup)! he said he was happy and wants to focus on making money for himself and to build his life. He also said that he will not do a serious relationship for a very long time and also said ''ill probably regret letting you go but right now I'm happy''.

I'm very heartbroken at this point. It was a romantic relationship. He loved me a lot but he changed entirely all of a sudden. Do you think he will regret his decision and come back to me?
Will he regret it and come back?
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