How to re-evaluate your love?

My boyfriend and I recently went on a break, about a week ago. There was no malice in the break, just he recently started college and a new job and has a lot of stuff to do with the military rn. So his life is stressful. He says he needs time to focus on school and work, and he also said he needs to do some self work and work through something that has been bothering him that he doesn’t really want to talk about. So we’re on a break now, still loyal to eachother, he made it clear he’s not looking for another relationship and neither am I.
My boyfriend has commitment issues so we’ve had a few breaks in the past but they never lasted more than 2 weeks. I usually tried to get us to stay together and was upset about it, but this time I just let it happen because I think it’s good for us.
My thing rn is I want time away from him to figure out if I truly love him or if it’s blind infatuation. We’ve been together a year and a half and I feel like I love him more than anyone I’ve loved before, he feels like home to me and like he’s family. He makes me happy and I love him as a person. We have had a really rough relationship though with a lot of hurdles, and there’s definitely things he and I struggle with and we are very very far from perfect. So my question is, how long should it take for me to decide if it’s true love or just blind infatuation? I’m worried if I don’t wait long enough I still will be stuck in a blind love, but if I wait too long it may get to the point where we are hesitant to try again because there’s been so much time apart. We were talking at first minimally but we decided it’s better now to just not talk and give eachother space to think and live on our own.
thanks for the help
How to re-evaluate your love?
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