Am I doing the right thing by letting him go?

I won’t go into too much detail because it’s long and messy. There’s this guy who I’ve been close to for years, I fell in love with him during our friendship and he admittedly that he had developed feelings for me too and had imagined us starting something a million times in his head. The thing is, he was in a long term and unhealthy/ a bit toxic relationship.

In the end, I put an end to our friendship because it was too hard etc. He then told me he was going to finally bite the bullet and breakup with her and be with me, like he had always wanted. He did breakup with her and was excited for us to be together... However, he soon realised that he needed time for himself and wanted to be single for a while. It was a long term/ unhealthy relationship so I actually completely understand this. Since this conversation, we haven’t spoken to each other. I haven’t because I find it too hard to just be friends (which is why I put an end to our friendship in the first place.) Im not 100% sure why he hasn’t, but when he said he wanted to work on himself... He said that he’s trying not to think about ‘us’ because it was a distraction. So I guess that’s why.
I just wanted to check if you guys thing in doing the right thing in giving him space to grow? I don’t want him to think that I just don’t care..
Am I doing the right thing by letting him go?
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