She's not ready to date or be in a relationship?

We met online in March right when quarantine started. We agreed to be pen pals until COVID settled down. We basically talked everyday, mainly text but the phone as well. Everything was at a 1:1 ratio. Both were initiating the convo and no one was over pursuing the other. At the end of June when we both agreed it finally meet up as we deemed it safe enough to meet in person. She felt most comfortable meeting at her place, so I went over there and had a few drinks and talked about life.

This was on a Saturday night. It went great. I was there for about 5 hours and at the end of the night I kissed her. To say it was passionate, is an understatement. We both literally couldn't stop touching each other and next thing I know we were in her bedroom hooking up. I honestly wasn't planning on doing anything with her that night, since it was our first time meeting but we were both in the moment. After we were done we started kissing some more (10 min later), and she stopped and told me she liked me, then went on to say "you don't understand I don't just say that to people". I kind of played it off but thought it was kind of weird at the time. I ended up going home that night and everything seemed fine.

A few days later I ask if she wanted to hang out on Wednesday. She said, she was going to her friend visiting from SD. I said, great sounds fun. To this day I have no idea if that was an excuse, but I know she never saw her friend that day. After that everything seemed different. She wasn't responding to me as fast. No initiating any conversations. I could tell something was off. I didn't contact her for two days to see what she would do. On the third day I text her and a few hours later got" I don't think I'm actually ready to date or be in any kind of relationship. I'm sorry for leading or "dragging" on anything. I enjoyed getting to know you but it really hit me I'm not ready, sorry for the bluntness of this text, just needed to do it".
1 y
I told her I appreciated her being honest and that I'd give her space.

I waited a month and sent her a picture of my niece playing with a toy she picked out for her birthday. She responded with "Cute!". I then asked her if she wanted to chat to catch up and didn't get a response. I got desperate and sent her a text the next day saying, " Honestly wanted to catch up. No games, no other motive. Everything happened so fast, I'm just looking for closure so I can fully move on.
1 y
There are no hard feeling and I wish you the best. " I dont know why I did that because I honestly wasn't looking for closure, or to move on, just wanted to talk with her and she if we moved too quickly for her. I got a response. " Great - I've moved on too and there is no point in rehashing/digesting anything if we've both moved on. At this point there is nothing else productive I have to say."
She's not ready to date or be in a relationship?
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