Apologized to my ex after she blocked me. We called and had a really good conversation. Where to now?

my ex and I had a really tough breakup. We both cried several times on the phone and struggled to move on.
it’ll be a month in two days. I sent an apology after she blocked me (I spammed her with texts, calls and even left flowers and a note. To which we laughed at and called cringe together.) I’m in a much better mindset and honestly want to be back with her, but I’m starting to move on.
anyways, she texted me saying she saw my email, said she already forgave me... and wanted to call one last time for my own sake as she said “I want you to just move on,” etc. she seemed almost annoyed with me and her guard was up when we started the call.
I basically said “I agree with the breakup, felt bad about how we ended things and I’m sorry. I don’t expect forgiveness, etc. we were both unhappy and I am glad that we can both look back and learn lessons.” She was really happy to hear me say that actually. And we ended up talking about what we’ve been up to... told her about my new car, my job (being top 2 salesman in the entire store) and how my flying (pilot) is going. She was vague in her answers saying only that she was doing a lot of homework and didn’t have much time to herself. Just has been busy.
anyways, we ended the call and she said “if you need anything give me a call.” We both agreed it was nice to talk and get rid of the dirty laundry. She also said she would unblock me on everything. That the reason she did in the first place was because she felt like she had no privacy as I kept trying to contact her.

anyways, I think it’s clear she’s moved on, and I think I’m starting to as well. I’d like at the minimum a friendship, but that being said I like to think that since she said she was head over heels in love with me at one point, we may be able to develop a friendship and enjoy our time together... so much so that she would be interested in dating me again.
1 y
I’m not sure if this is the good approach. But to be honest, if I were to date her again, I’d probably want to take it as slow as possible. keep in mind, we broke up because we constantly fought over everything and I never showed any affection to her.
it’s been rough on both of us.
I dunno ladies, am I just being delusional
Apologized to my ex after she blocked me. We called and had a really good conversation. Where to now?
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