A friend of my ex started talking to me?

Hello. My boyfriend broke up with me about 1 month ago. Since then, few of his friends started following me on instagram, one even asked me out, which I naturally rejected. Yesterday, his friend answered to my story asking me why did we break up, and even after I told him it's my ex's fault, he encouraged me to reach out to my ex and if he is interested we can maybe work things out! He also knew my dog's name, knew where I live, talked to me all day asking me how am I feeling, am I better, started giving me advices how to get over my ex, told me I am cute... he said that he knows my ex from college, but I for once know that they are a lot closer than just friends from college. All in all, it was reaaally weird. But what could this all mean? Could it be that my ex is trying to communicate to me somehow?
A friend of my ex started talking to me?
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