Reached my breaking point?

I'm pregnant. But now I have accepted to be a single mother. I had enough of him. He doesn't come to see me, I haven't seen him in three months. So its been a lonely pregnancy. I try to be the perfect girlfriend.. but I can't be nice anymore. I told him about an important appointment thats coming up in Oct (gender reveal)... and can he come with me... he said he can't make it because of a church function they are having. I was heart broken. Than he got upset with me, saying I was competing with his church (which didn't make sense, and he called me wicked). When he's mad at me, I do try to reach out but he rejects my call. So last night everything was fine... this morning I sent him a positive text message... he responded with "awwww you too have a good one". So about 4 hours later I called and he sounded like he didn't want to hear from me and he wasn't saying anything. So I hung up... and I sent him a text saying, "sorry I bothered you". He got up set and he told me to enjoy my day and stop ruin his day and that im trying to bring him out of his character. I dont know what got into but I reach my breaking and I went off on him. I'm done. Im carrying his child and he's treating me like crap. he's doesn't think im serious because Im always the one that come back to say sorry. Why do I feel bad when I didn't do anything wrong?
Reached my breaking point?
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