Was I wrong for handling this situation the way I did?

  • my boyfriend and I been having issues for the last 2 years. I took him back last year thinking he was going to change. He showed improvement when he was trying to get back with me but as soon as I gave him another chance he stopped putting effort. He has a bad habit of not answering his phone when he leaves. And he's gone all day. Like literally 6am-11pm or even the next day. He comes home throughout the day just to pop up. Lately I been feeling like he's cheating. I caught him sending text messages to other girls and every time he tells me its his friend using the phone. Well this time around he was gone all day and came home at 11pm trying to have sex. I was already sleep. So he woke me up and told me he was leaving to his friend. Well I got up at 1am to call him and check on him no answer at this time its 4am and still no answer. So I just got tired of his bs and kindly packed his stuff in bags and boxes and placed them on the front porch. And texted him one last time that he's stuff is out side and that I'm done. Was I wrong for doing that? I'm just tired of his same shit. Im over it.
Was I wrong for handling this situation the way I did?
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