Want a break up!!! Stupid move if I did it? ?


how I see her and how she sees me:
My girlfriend to me:-
nice, kind, mindful, careful, helpful, talkative, considerate, smart.
angry, hitting me, lazy.

Me to my girlfriend:-
Patience, kind, mindful, talkative, considerate, forgivable.
quiet, talking straight, knows everything, no sweetness.

In 2019 I was finishing my last year in college, I had enough money to support myself ( my last savings ) then she came along, she had a job then quit so the entire 2019 I was telling her to find a job but she was acting lazy, I supported her with her online business but she didn't last two months, supported her to find a job she found one 2 months later quit, it was like this until I told her I don't have money anymore and I'm a foreigner here and it's hard for me to find a job, I need to fix lots of papers to get the right visa when then she realized that she started looking for a job when she could've done that months ago even tho I was telling her since the beginning.

she had 3 cats, I was buying everything for her and them, she rarely helped me with her cats.
Got her 3 phones ( 1st LOST, 2nd LOST, 3rd not yet!!! ) and an expensive bag.

In 2020 I was trying to find a job and fix the papers of my visa then COVID happened so I couldn't do anything and I don't have money anymore, so she started to help me out with everything until now since she has a job, but in last May I found that she was cheating and I forgive her then I caught her again and I forgive her again then she didn't do it anymore but that still hurts, now she is doing everything to make up her own mistake ( she is doing lots of efforts ).

2020 sex rarely happens, once in one month sometimes in 2 months, her excuse that it hurts her, sometimes I don't even finish because she asks me to stop, but why she didn't say that to me in 2019? I talked about it twice and every time she made a problem.

I got nothing from her as a gift.

After reading all that do u think I need to feel guilty about it breaking up?
Want a break up!!! Stupid move if I did it? ?
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