My ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend added me?

So im asking from a not so nice perspective, I have always been dignified in everything I ever did. I can say it has not paid off, i should have been more shrewd. I had an ex who i haven’t forgotten even 10 months after the break up. He got a new girlfriend and of course it pinched but I thought good, time to truly accept. Usually i move on easily after a break up, but i really fell for him. And no he wasn’t the best guy but the best i ever had or felt for actually. his girlfriend added me on instagram (i didn't know it was her because she used some company account) and then she deleted me after 3 days. No chance she could know who i was unless he told her. But im finding it hard to let go of him and i tried everything. Now comes the part, should I tell him his girlfriend added me? I know my intentions are more out of my emotions for him, i don’t mind the girl as such.. at all even (i dont feel threatened by her even) but i miss him intensely. Its more out of my feelings for him and to understand what he feels and thinks. I know everyone will be moral here, but i see so many people play smart games and get what they want. I always choose to be decent and do whats right. But this time, im led by emotions...
My ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend added me?
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