Why do Alcoholics cut their loved ones off?

6 days ago my Alcoholic spouse who is in denial did the unthinkable.
Left me a voicemail message...

"I'm So Sorry Darling But I Think We Should Get A Divorce. You deserve so much better than me"

I'm Heartbroken & Confused

Because he then deleted/blocked me of his friends list.
We are Xbox1 Gamers & Through him working night shifts, living separate with our families (financial Problems) & Covid we had decided the only way was Online relationship until every had calmed down & we could see each other again on weekends.
It hurts to be wiped out like you don't exist after 5yrs Together.
Maybe he will regret it soon & wake up before it's to late.
Before I do take him up on the Divorce.
Part of me isn't talking this seriously like it's just a phase he's going through.
And he will come back like a dog with his tail between its legs.. you know?
But the other part of me is saying
Damn! We really are over... 😔
Why do Alcoholics cut their loved ones off?
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