Can cheating be justified?

I'm not proud of this and I still regret it but I have cheated before. The relationship ended not long after it happened and we haven't spoken since. The long story of it is this, I was in a relationship with a girl and all of my friends told me it was abusive. To be clear I am the guy and it wasn't physically abusive at all on either side. They say it was mentally abusive because any argument we'd have she would threaten to leave me and since I loved her I caved in and gave her what she wanted because I didn't want to lose her. She'd always use that against me any chance she got. Shed also spend more time with other guys, some of them had admitted liking her rather then me which made me very uncomfortable. She let a guy obviously flirt with her because "he's my friend" for a while and then one day she just completely ignored me to play some games with a guy who we had fights over because he admitted to liking her and tried to get her to go behind my back with him she said she didn't do anything but would always spend time with him often times she'd spend more time with him then me. That day I broke down and one of my friends who apparently liked me comforted me and we ended up cheating. I regret it to this day and we aren't even together anymore. The relationship ended not long after because she left me for a guy who ghosted her before we got together. She doesn't know I cheated and we have no way to contact each other anymore. My friends tell me it's what she deserved or it isn't my fault but I still think about it and feel like shit.

The question is do you think what I did was justified and if not are there any circumstances where it would be justified.
It was justified
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Can cheating be justified?
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