Can I get some opinions on this because I don't think I did anything wrong?

Okay so I'm gonna make this short as possible I'm 23 and I met this 18 year old We were talking for about 2 months her mom was cool with it but I shouldn't have gotten involved with her I regret it smh ( she got me a job where she works, I regret working there also ) we ended up having sex and she wanted a relationship I told her I didn't so things happened in-between that and we some how stop communicating (still texting/phone calls here and there just as friends ) she said she only want to be friends and I was kinda mad at first about it but eventually I made peace with it and moved on and was cool with being friends. I went no contact and didn't say anything no text no calls NOTHING for about 3 days until one night after we had worked together she text me after work to tell me she can't do this anymore I'm gonna block you and all that when I wasn't even contacting her , we started back texting and all she tells me how I'm still in a hoe phase and she just wants to love me but she can't change how I am (after she said she only wanted to be friends) she starts saying how she still has feelings for me and she's attached to me and she doesn't want to be she found out I was fucking someone else she got really mad saying things like you went out and fucked someone else ( we're not dating ) even tho she went and had breakfast with a guy"friend" and I didn't care or get mad. But before I blocked her she would share indirect Facebook post about me. I've moved on but now at this point I think she only wanted me because she knew I had moved on I'm not sure but that's my thought I think she tried to use me for a fall back option I really don't know or care now but I just want other options.
Can I get some opinions on this because I don't think I did anything wrong?
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