Could I get him back?

I broke it off because he didn't see me for a month and came up with excuses. A few days later I asked for him back so we could talk it out instead. He didn't want to and said that I can't take what I said back when I broke it off. About w to 3 weeks after that, I could tell he was hurt on social media and I had to block him because I didn't think he would come back. I really think if we talked it out it could be fixed, but unblocking him causes too much pain. I don't want to beg for him back again though. We're young and I know I made a mistake of breaking it off instead of talking it out first. Its been almost a month and I'm tired of feeling helpless. What can I do?
1 y
This is both our first relationship and we were together for 3 going on 4 months. And I also blocked him because I could tell he was so hurt and he was always watching my stuff and that pained me too.
Could I get him back?
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