How do I break up with him?

My boyfriend and I have been going out since February and obviously it was slow going due to lockdown. I didn't feel that spark but I thought maybe thats cos we were social distancing and couldn't break that touch barrier.

I was unsure about him then but he was lovely and kind and did everything right so I thought I'd persist and something might blossom.

Now in October, im still trying to persist but im giving up... I dont show it but I get annoyed at him wanting to be close to me and I dont want to have sex with him.

I really like him as a person and he's done nothing wrong but I just don't feel for him like that. I really enjoy being mates with him and even hanging out with his mates. he's so kind and I really don't want to hurt him as he doesn't deserve it.

Whats the most gentle and kindest way to break up with him?
How do I break up with him?
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