Should I send this text to my ex girlfriend whose ignoring me, and angry?

we broke up two months ago, and it was a bad breakup for both of us. Both crying, both angry, and I feel it’s so unfinished. I don’t want her back, I don’t even want her as a friend. I just want to move on as she does too. She will no longer reply to my texts which is fine, I get it. She broke up with me. 20m 20f.

Hey, I feel like I cannot fully get closure with where we have left things. I think we should discuss our past, and go over everything. I’m really trying to move on... but something just feels so incomplete, and that is what I really struggle with. I think we can both agree that where we have left things is not good for either one of us, and it’s not healthy. This has to be an emotionless conversation, with honesty, and respect. And if you’re not looking to have this conversation, that’s fine... please do not reply (I really mean it. I don’t want small talk, and I agree — we cannot be friends. At least for a very very long time.) I think it could be very educational for both of us, answer a lot of unanswered questions, and could even be therapeutic. You could use this to get everything off of your chest, I know that there are things you probably want to say. It just feels like so much is unresolved at this point. I’m not going to promise change, or beg for you back, or become angry. I just want to ask a few questions, learn, discuss what went wrong, answer your questions, let you speak your peace, get clarity on both sides, and move forward. Closure is a precious thing, and it’s the greatest gift someone can give. I want to have a clean break as I’m sure you do as well. This has been about as messy as it gets. You know I love to search for answers, and to analyze situations. That is the goal of this. I want to close this chapter of my book, and it’s hard to do that when the last sentence is half written. I’m going to stop reaching out from this point forward. I hope you’ll consider. Thanks
Should I send this text to my ex girlfriend whose ignoring me, and angry?
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