I feel like I ruined a marriage?

I made the mistake of giving a man my number, not realizing he was married. After he told me, I suggested we stop texting and he understood.

A while passes, say a month, he texts me that he misses being able to talk to me every day - I felt bad, so I responded and eventually he began to open up about how bad things have been between him and his wife. She ended up seeing the messages and took my support as flirting.

I recieved a message from her, being called a number of names including "wh*re" and "homewrecker" lol. She blocked me before I could respond and the following week I was informed that she is filing for divorce because of his infidelity. She thinks we've been hooking up.
I can't do anything to help the situation.
I feel like I ruined a marriage?
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