How to stop feeling empty?

I recently broke up with a guy I was with for a year and who turned out to be gay. He was never gonna confess to me that he was gay and was gonna keep behaving the way he was due to his sexuality and was gonna continue to lead me on. But thankfully I found out and left him as soon as the water and oil separated. But I feel totally empty I do everything to keep myself busy I workout, work on my projects, go shopping with my mom or cook with my dad or hang out with some friends and focuse on a career but over all my empty void is very much present and I don't know how to feel alive again. I used to feel sexy, happy and over all feel completely normal but this bad feeling isn't going away as I hoped it would. When I see guys I don't feel that feeling of excitement or thrill like I used to. I used to feel successful and confident and didn't feel I packed in anything and I know I have nothing to feel insecure about but I feel dead and hopeless. Sometimes I wish I never got with a gay guy at all and wished I never met this person but it happened unfortunately. What would you do?
How to stop feeling empty?
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