Girls, Why would she keep looking at me all the time?

a girl who’s kinda popular, had seen her around , when I worked at the nightclubs years ago. But I hadn’t seen her for 6 months as I moved away. I moved back , everytime I walk pass she keeps staring. She works in a store as a make up artist. If i walk passed minding my own business she keeps staring I don’t look at her.
another time i avoided looking when I walked past in the street and she was again staring , then weeks later in the store. I didn’t look at her and I could feel her staring when she saw me pass which kinda made me nervous.

I sometimes get attention from women if I walk in clubs , gyms or restaurants. like if I walk in girls will go silent and start talking to there friends.

I am a very muscle bound from years of. not ripped. All of which is required for my boxing as a sport.

I saw her social media and she is going to the gym a lot , and I notice her boyfriend looks similar to me like blonde hair , curly similar style but not as much muscle.

I don’t get why all of a sudden she keeps staring. She never used to. Although, I have changed a lot. As I built more muscle, have curly hair, continued to loose fat and I wear a lot more trendy clothes.
Girls, Why would she keep looking at me all the time?
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