Is he hurting just as much as me?

So I starting talking to this guy 3 months ago 3 months after he broke up with his ex. The entire time he seemed to be really into me and he would always tell me cute things and he even told me he really liked me. Then last month things changed he seemed more distant and now yesterday he texted me that things are getting complicated with his ex and that he wants to be friends. And I know sex is not the problem because he’s told me the main reason he wanted to leave his ex was because the sex was horrible and ruining his confidence. I just keep feeling so shitty about myself like I’m replaceable. I just feel like he’s not hurting at all like I am because he went back to his ex.

Basically what I’m asking is if you caught feelings for another woman and then went back to you ex do you even think about the other woman? Do you think he is even hurting about this like I am
Is he hurting just as much as me?
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