I just got broken up with and I don’t know what to do?

I’ll try keep it as unbiased and simple as possible.

We’d been together for about 2 months. 2 weeks ago we were so close. I think they were about to say L word and I wouldve definitely said it back. But the days after that they became very distant. I tried not to read too much into it but it didn’t stop so I brought it up. They took as me arguing and said they can live their own lives sorta thing. So we ended up arguing anyway but afterwards we found mutual ground and agreed to move on.

but they were still distant. Didn’t talk to me at all and when they eventually did it was just completely like I was a stranger. I tried to stay enthusiastic and I messaged even though I was being ignored, they’ve asked for space in the past but this time after a few days they said they needed time to think, they didn’t once say not to message or leave them alone. but after a week of this I said (paraphrased) “this has gone on long enough, this isn’t how things get fixed” and They came out with “I’ve let people walk over me in the past, if I say I want time I want as much time as I want, I can’t do this anymore” and they broke up with me yesterday. Already they’ve removed all trace of me and them ever being together like photos, posts, unfollowed on stuff but just now I noticed they posted a story saying “your self respect gotta be stronger than your feelings”

We were so close so recently and now I’ve been completely discarded, our future deemed worth less than this issue we faced. I know about no contact and all but I love this person, I really don’t want to lose them even though they’ve just badly hurt me.

the worst part is that they did it over text, and they didn’t even say goodbye..

I just need advice or someone to talk to. I’m completely heartbroken
I just got broken up with and I don’t know what to do?
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