I am having serious trouble getting over my ex girlfriend! Help!!!

Me and my ex broke up 8 months ago.lived together for slightly over 2 years.I was an idiot and took the rel a bit for granted.got one two many chances and bam.it was over. She starts dating a new guy, about 4-6 weeks later (a friend of hers I kind of knew) it hurt.So it sent me a bit ex crazy! I got a hold of myself and a good 4 months later felt I was moving on.All this time me and my ex would have slight contact, initiated by us both.Sometimes this contact would get very heated (due to this new guy). So the contact ended for a while.

I met a few girls here and there, truly felt finally getting over this.Then all of a sudden she starts doing things like posting pics of her and new guy on FB, not that I check, but it pops up on latest updates...that would result in me getting cheesed off and then calling and ending up arguing.

She stopped posting new pics of her and the new fella and then started trying to get my attention by showing up on MSN... I would sign off, then sign on invisible. She would ping me but I just ignored it all.

I was doing great up until a couple of weeks ago, I realize I f'in love this girl! So, a death happens in the family, bit rough times, ex calls me twice... I don't answer... I couldn't! I text her and just said "hey, sorry I don't want seem rude but I don't think I'm over you at all and I don't want to talk" (she dumped me).

She text me wishing me the best.

This was a few weeks ago. I've been grieving over my nans death and now I am finding as each day passes I start to feel as if I have just been dumped all over again! I miss this woman so much. I no longer know if she is seeing this guy, she has not made any contact. So today, I wrote an email and just outright asked if it would be a good idea to maybe meet and take a walk sometime for a talk. good idea?

I mean 8 months, I've dated and felt great during a period but the last few weeks I have done nothing but think about my ex!

Has anyone ever reconciled after so long apart? Is there any advice that can be given to help me get over this for good?

Thanks for your comments.
I am having serious trouble getting over my ex girlfriend! Help!!!
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