How do I handle this "break" and can I get him back?

My partner (32M) and I (29F) went on a break this week. We’ve been together for over 3 years. He said he needed to think about the future and whether he can see us working long term. I don’t claim to be perfect, and we have had some arguments during covid/lockdown. But nothing that I thought was a deal breaker. He also told me he was battling depression and anxiety right now. We had an argument on Monday night - I made him food and he didn't eat it. I told him next time to let me know if he wasn't hungry and we would get take out, because it takes time to cook. He got angry and it caused a huge fight. I didn't realize that he was battling depression at the time.

He also said that my insecurity was a problem. He said he never brought it up before because he didn’t want to argue. I told him that I wished he had been honest with me. But, I really have been working on myself. I have realized through therapy why I have insecurities — past trauma - and feel so much better about that aspect already. I told him about going therapy and about these revelations.

I also fear that he is scared of the future. He still lives at home, but is close to finishing professional school and being on his own for the first time. We had many conversations about marriage over the past year. I just wanted to make sure that was something that he wanted too. His family is very traditional and doesn’t believe in living together or spending the night before marriage, so I viewed marriage as the only next step.

I texted him on Monday, just telling him good luck on something, but told him I was still giving him space. He said that he was happy I reached out and that there weren’t any restrictions on communication. He said he wasn't sure how he was feeling, that he was processing a lot, and that we both needed time to heal. He has texted me a couple of times just making small talk since then. But I’m still wondering... how much should I be communicating with him on this break?
How do I handle this "break" and can I get him back?
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