Shall I still speak to him if he has feelings for his ex?

This recent guy I've kinda been seeing still has feelings for his ex. They broke up around 3 weeks ago and since then me and him have been speaking, we haven't had sex we have just kissed and been speaking everyday. he gets quite jealous over me with other guys, i still see other guys since he said he is not ready for a relationship since its too soon yet he still gets mad at me if he finds out I've been seeing other men. He is very hot and cold, he replies good sometimes but other times i can tell he's emotional and starts posting quotes about heartbreak and stuff. I really want it to work out with him though and im being patient. Shall i just leave him? I do wanna see where it goes in the future though and go through this with him. Whenever i ignore him he does always message me again but i do not know if im being a rebound right now which is something i do not want to go through again. I do understand why he is still upset though as its so soon and i would be the same. They were together for 3 years. I never understand why he gets so jealous of me with guys but is not ready.
Shall I still speak to him if he has feelings for his ex?
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