Could my ex still have feelings?

My ex and I broke up a little over a month and I’m still hung up over it. We had a few bumps in our relationship but we always got through it. He told me he loved me first and then I told him a few months after. A month after I told him, he started to get really distant from me. He got a life coach and started to think of his future. I wanted to be with him in the future, but he was thinking of moving out of state.
The last month of our relationship he was super distant. He rarely asked to hang out and barely put any effort. I asked him if he thought if he thought if our relationship was worth it if he was leaving in like 6 months, he said yes. A week later he was still distant and I got mad at him for not putting effort and we broke up. He told me he had been losing feelings the past few last weeks of our relationship. He wanted to be friends still because he didn’t want to lose what we had since we had been together for 7 months lol.
When we broke up he said he still had feelings like a week after. Then 2 weeks after our break up he said he had zero feelings. He then said for some reason, it was okay for me to date his friends so I shared my interest in his best friend. His best friend was interested too and we went on a date. My ex was very bothered with this and wanted us to stop talking. But he said it is up to his friend now whether or not we date. My ex didn’t even want me and his friend to talk, be friends, or anything. There was a lot of drama from this and he still wants to be friends but we haven’t really talked in a week...
Could my ex still have feelings?
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