Should I fight for the relationship?

We been together for 2 years and broke up for 6 months. When we started talking, we still have feelings for each other and he told me he regret leaving me and promises to not leave me again. So we got back together but it was not official. We had few arguments which is the same problem as we broke uo before which is he have commitment issues as he have like 2 jobs and going to University soon. He told me to not wait for him but after discussion we decide to still continue this rs. Then he have a project coming up which means he extra busy and i was being insecure. He upset as he could not make me happy as before as i was being insecure again and i was kind of accusing him of not wanting to spend time with me. So this happen for few weeks thus he broke up with me again. I been trying to fight to keep the relationship but it feel like he not going to, as deep down we both know history will repeat. We still arguing but we have same class and working on business for the next few months so i was wondering should i still try to fight for this relationship or i shld not and continue with our class and projects together?
Should I fight for the relationship?
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