Should I tell my toxic friends with benefits I’m no longer interested or ignore him?

This guy and I have a very toxic relationship.
Same age. He treated me horribly/used me and in return I got hurt. Misunderstandings and miscommunications.

We separated for a good 7-8 months. He kept hovering over my social media during that time even though we didn’t follow each other. It was toxic to the point where other people were in our business. I ended up blocking those people but I gave him a second chance. With this second chance I told him I value honesty and safe sex. He said he wanted to respect me and didn’t want me for just purely sex. However, after he left he stopped messaging/texting me as much. He went against our plan for meeting each other. My intuition told me to check something. 2 days later I found out one of the condoms was broken. When I asked him about it he said he knew but it broke when he took it off. I asked if he knew where the sperm went. He called me weird and stopped talking to me for 2-3 weeks. No communication at all. I went to get tested. He lied and I got infected. Nothing too serious that is life or death so far. After 2-3 weeks he ghosted me he comes back and asks if I’m doing anything. At this point I feel completely disrespected and that he’s blind to what he does. Do I tell him I’m not a suitable partner and wish him well? Or do I just completely ignore him?
Completely ignore him
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1 y
Hey guys. Me as a person I’m always not one to leave someone hanging. Regardless of how they made me feel. I ended up sending one last message stating my feelings and that I’m no longer giving out chances. I also blocked him for my own mental on social media and text message.
Should I tell my toxic friends with benefits I’m no longer interested or ignore him?
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