so we broke up about a week ago, they just said they dont want a relationship and wants to work on themselves (I know it’s also not just for hookups cuz we are both Demi sexual) and said we would never happen again
I still very much love them And trust her with all my heart but it hasn’t always been that way, I was controlling and jealous and when they talked about wanting to leave I’d cry and promise change that never came, and I realized now how fucked up and manipulative that was. So we broke up, but we only lost contact for 2 days, Or around 3, I wrote them a letter explaining how sorry I was and took responsibility for all of my actions and thanked them for everything. Explained I’m getting help and all and put all of the love letters they wrote me with some gifts and gave them the choice to hold onto them for now or throw them out because it hurt and was tempting to read them always, I don’t know what they did with them. But that night we hung out and talked and had fun, I dropped them off home and they texted me, thanking me for everything and thanking me for the night, they apologized as well for being harsh to me and saying how they didn’t feel right being alone all the time and talked about how it was hard to sleep at night without being held by me, And even sent me “goodnight I hope you sleep well I love you” and we met the day after and the day after that and have texted every day And even have plans to watch a movie together, they haven’t really flirted with me, and I’m hoping maybe it’s gonna come, and I was wondering if all of this means they still have some feelings for me? I really do wanna better myself for them and myself. I truly do love them
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