Would you ever be in this type of relationship?

I've recently started talking to a woman who's still married but is separated with no chance of reconciliation from him. I wasn't even looking for a relationship. She saw me in the people you may know section on her FB and decided to message me. We live in the same town. She said I was cute and wanted to get to know me. We talked for 2 days before meeting. We just clicked. Didn't feel awkward at all. We both told each other about our past and other things. I did ask her what exactly she is wanting. She said she wants to meet someone and see where things go. We ended up going back to her place. Had dinner. I ended up staying the night in another room from hers. We both agreed to take things slow until her divorce is final. She doesn't want her folks to know because her dad is a preacher. Anyways, all thoughts would be appreciated
Would you ever be in this type of relationship?
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