Bad break up? Does he miss me?

About 6 weeks ago, a friend ( a close friend of my ex) randomly got in touch after 4 - 5 months of no conversation. He asked how I was doing, which was fine - don't mind chatting however when he's asking if I'm with anyone, got a kid yet etc. i got the feeling he was digging. He is v. happy in a long term rs.
My best friend then informs me it looks like my ex has split uo with his girlfriend. It always seemed casual. However, he has removed all she posts she tagged him in on fb and she has removed all the pictures of them from her wall but still has them on her account.
I may be overlooking this but i feel they have split up and he's asking about me? by the way i have been on dates with other guys, I am working on myself. i Just find it all a bit weird. Thanks
Bad break up? Does he miss me?
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