Should I stop being friends with my ex?

my ex and i broke up months ago because he cheated on me, lied about it and was mad at me because i was sad and mad when we tried working things out. even our friendship hasn't been the same since, but i still love him as a friend and we still have our good times. but his best friend keeps joking about when we were dating and saying we should get back together. and my ex plays along with these things and he even jokes and seems to brag on being a bad boyfriend/person in general. like the other night he was with his best friend and "joked" saying, "you must've liked getting treated bad cause you kept coming back." and "dang.. im one of the worst dudes on the planet" but he says it in a tone like he's not even taking that serious. and i didn't like being treated bad, i just had a hard time dumping him because i had strong feelings for him as a friend and boyfriend. we had been through a lot and it took me a while to accept that i shouldn't stay just because i loved him and all that we'd been through together. i want to be his friend but im starting to feel like our friendship is only ever going to be about our relationship since his best friend brings it up and my ex entertains it.
Should I stop being friends with my ex?
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