How do I help my ex boyfriend? Or should i?

I broke up with my long term boyfriend around 3 months ago and we haven't spoken since.
I saw his brother yesterday who told me my ex boyfriend is really struggling. He isn't getting out of bed and when he is he's constantly taking drugs/drinking and eating really shit food. In contrast he's usually dedicated to the gym and has a really good diet and parties still but obviously nothing like he is now.
I messaged him yesterday to say I'd seen his brother and I just thought I'd say hi and we exchanged about 3 other messages where he said he's okay and then that was it.
I can't stop thinking about him... I know he doesn't have a good support system, should I suggest we meet up to go for a walk? To get him up and out of his house? I still care for him so knowing he's hurting so badly is killing me...
How do I help my ex boyfriend? Or should i?
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