Please Help: Why Did He Cheat On Me?

We met through a mutual friend while he was visiting my country. We began talking, while our mutual friend let me know that he was crazy about me, saying things like I was the girl of his dreams etc.

I had just come out of a RS, so I declined his offer to have a LDR. He called my mother and spoke to her about dating me with the intention of marriage to gain my trust. As per my request, my mother asked him to cut communication with me. After 2 weeks he asked me to marry him and move in with him. When our mutual friend found out, he told me that the guy had a girlfriend and that I should wait 2 months to see if he will leave her for me - not to worry about pregnancy because they both “didnt want kids”. Naturally, this infuriated me so I sent a very nasty message to the guy. My family also got mad as I was very hurt.

I tried to talk to him again but he ghosted me for 2 months. Meanwhile he showed off on social media his RS with another girl (assuming his girlfriend).

He messaged me asking we start again and regain my trust with the goal of marriage. RE his girlfriend, he told me he had one about 6 months ago but didn't marry her because he didn't want her.

He regained my trust because later on he really did love me. Although I didn't want to, he insisted we kept our RS a secret for a few months due to previous drama. His family knew about me however.

I always had a bad gut feeling. My instincts told me to investigate on social media, and that’s when I found out he was still with his gf…

He insisted he was in love with me, was willing to marry me the same day, and even suggested I message his girlfriend and confirm. When I did, she never gave me a proper answer, was very friendly and asked he wouldn't find out about this convo. I waited for a few hours but received nothing - the evidence was on her social media account anyway. I broke up with him and told him my family had found out about this so he would never contact me again.

Why did he cheat on me?
Please Help: Why Did He Cheat On Me?
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